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Collection of passenger car tyres and motorcycle tyres, which have been accounted for in the scheme, is free to Members. Free collection is dependent on Members having all their membership and monthly reports up to date. Reporting of waste tyres must accurately reflect the number collected. It is important to retain collection dockets to ensure accurate reporting.

All other tyre categories should also be reported. While these categories are awaiting the introduction of the Environmental Management Cost (EMC), reporting is required to complete legal obligations under the Regulations.

4 steps to scheme collection of waste tyres:

1.  Choose a collector from the authorised list

2.  Contact collector to arrange pick up of waste

3.  Retain your collection docket. (NOTE: Members can contact their collector directly to request copies of any missing dockets).

4.  Report collections with your monthly reporting. (NOTE: Waste tyres are reported when they physically leave the members premises and not when the waste is generated).

To access Collector List click HERE

Tyre Processing

Our role is to deliver sustainable solutions for end of life tyres (ELT).

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Recycling and Recovery

We are working on a number of research and development projects with stakeholders.

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Farm Tyres

Please complete this online registration form and a member of the Circol ELT team will contact you when we process your application.

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