Please email the membership team at info@circolelt.ie with your member number and we can assist you with this query.

Your 2021 membership certificate will be posted to you once all reporting has been submitted and there are no outstanding fees on your account.

You are on this list either because there are outstanding reports on your account, there are outstanding fees owed or you have failed an audit.

You can use any collector that is on our registered collector list here.

When you have chosen a collector, you phone them directly to arrange your collection. View collector list here.

All tyres covered with the vEMC charge are collected free of charge.  Disposal fees for other tyre categories are paid directly to the collector.

Yes, you need to sign up to the PRL, and report the number of imported tyres you sold each month. As you are the first person to place the tyres on the market in Ireland, you will collect the vEMC from your customer and in turn we will create an invoice for this amount so we can collect the vEMC charge.

All members need to report each month so we can trace the number of tyres going onto the market and also the number of tyres a member should have for collection.  Free collection of scheme tyres relies on monthly reporting to operate.

Please refer to our reporting guidance document or phone 01 4618600 for assistance.

Enter the company name on the member list here to find the unique ID number.

Please email info@circolelt.ie with your member number and we can assist you with this query.

Sign up to Circol ELT by clicking here and submitting the application form. A member of the team will be in contact with you when your account has been set up

The annual membership fee is €70 including VAT, and €50 including VAT per additional premises and can be paid by clicking here or by calling 01 4618600 to pay by card. If you have entered your direct debits on your initial application you will be invoiced automatically.

The EMC should be charged as a separate line on the customer invoice for tyre sales.  For motor dealers the EMC is included in the sale price of the vehicle so does not need to be itemised on the invoice.