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Becoming a Member

Join over 2,900 compliant tyre retail operators and play your part in building a better future for our sector, our communities and our environment. Membership covers your legal compliance obligations. Our team support Members to complete Membership registration and reporting.

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Benefits of becoming a Member

Members of the compliance scheme avail of free collection for passenger car, 4 x 4 and motorcycle tyre waste. Monthly reporting of tyres ensures they can be managed as scheme tyres and are therefore eligible for free collection. We operate in partnership with 27 authorised collectors in managing tyre waste from Members retail outlets.

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Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting is essential to make sure your waste is collected as and when you require. It ensures that Member’s tyres are fully accounted for so that collections can run smoothly. Being on time with reporting ensure your collections never have cause for interruption.

Reporting is essential to the overall function of the scheme. Completing your reporting on time each month doesn't only help your business - it also confirms the level of compliance in the scheme which makes non-compliance easier to identify and challenge.

Member reporting facilitates planning, development and innovation which is key to the environmentally sound management of tyres.

How to Report

Membership Types


A Producer is the first person to put a tyre onto the market. (Imported into ROI) The Producer pays the visible Environmental Cost (vEMC) to the scheme and recoups it from their customer.

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An operator purchasing a tyre from another compliance scheme Member is the retailer for these tyres.

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Authorised Treatment Facilities disposing of end of life vehicles have an obligation to join the scheme and report the tyres from these vehicles.

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