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The tyre compliance scheme helps any business selling tyres, selling products with tyres as an integral part or those who generate tyre waste, complete their obligations under the tyre Regulations. 

Members have passenger car, 4x4, van and motorcycle collected free of charge. Once all reporting and membership requirements are up to date. 

If you are unsure whether you have an obligation please contact us by email on or call 01 4618 600.

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Tyre Regulations

Circol ELT operate under government approval as set out in the Waste Management (Tyres and Waste tyres) Regulations 2017. These Regulations set out the legal obligations for entities who have tyres as part of their business. Members who join the scheme have their legal compliance covered for their waste tyres.

Regulation’s SI. 400

What tyres to report?

While currently only motorcycle and passenger car tyres have a visible Environmental Management Cost legislated for:

All tyres should be reported under the current Regulations

The Government announced in their Waste Action plan for the circular economy 2020 that a visible Environmental Management Cost (EMC) will be introduced for all tyre categories. The EMC will regulate the recycling of all tyre categories to ensure they are all accounted for and managed sustainably through recycling.

Any operator who has tyres as a component of their business may be obligated to join Circol ELT's tyre compliance scheme.  

A Producer is the first person to put a tyre on the Irish market (as a tyre sale or vehicle).  These tyres may be sold to other retailers, other retail outlets and/or the general public. The Producer is the first to pay the visible Environmental Management Cost (EMC) to the scheme, which is then passed onto their customer.


Producers are also required to register with The Producer Register Ltd. (01 5522606)


Producer Overview

  1. Places tyre onto Irish Market
  2. Charges EMC to customer
  3. Invoiced for EMC by Circol ELT
  4. Report monthly to The Producer Register (PRL)


An operator purchasing a tyre from another registered member of the scheme is the retailer for these tyres.


An operator buying and selling tyres within the Republic of Ireland is deemed the Retailer.


Fully compliant members can avail of free collection of waste tyres covered by the vEMC.


Retailer Overview

  1. Pays vEMC to registered supplier
  2. Charges vEMC to customer
  3. Monthly reporting to Circol ELT
  4. Waste collected by registered collector.

An ATF is an Authorised Treatment Facility that has a Waste Facility Permit issued by the local authority allowing them to accept end of life vehicles.


ATF Overview

  1. Takes in ELV’s/tyres.
  2. Reports monthly to Circol ELT.
  3. Submits COD’s to Circol ELT
  4. Waste collected by registered collector.

An operator who incidentally collects or transports waste tyres during the course of their business may need to register with Circol ELT for their NWCPO permit.


WMF Overview

  1. Register with Circol ELT
  2. Pay annual membership fee.
  3. Member is certified by Circol ELT
  4. Proof of certification is sent to NWCPO.


While Circol ELT does not have a direct enforcement role, we work with all agencies involved in overseeing the Regulations and support them on a daily basis in challenging non-compliance.

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The EMC paid on purchase of a tyre ensures it is recycled at end of life.

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