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Sustainable Waste Management

Our role is to deliver sustainable solutions for end of life tyres (ELT). Monthly reporting allows us to plan and manage the sound environmental management of our Members' waste. Managing waste as close to home as possible and developing domestic recycling capacity are key to building sustainability.

Circol ELT 2022 highlights

Better outcomes for waste tyres


Circol ELT track all tyres from when they come onto the market in Ireland to when they are taken off vehicles and recycled at End of Life. By taking account of  members’ waste the scheme assists industry in their work to reduce the impact their products have on the environment. Processing waste as a resource for raw material and fuel directly develops the circular economy sector bringing benefits for employment, the economy and the environment.

Environmentally sound management takes what once was a waste and produces a resource to create a raw material for new products.


Collection of passenger car tyres and motorcycle tyres, which have been accounted for in the scheme, is free to Members.

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Recycling and Recovery

We are working on a number of research and development projects with stakeholders.

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Farm Tyres

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