€692 for Children’s Health Ireland, Crumlin from Circol ELT Member survey


Children’s health Ireland hospital, Crumlin received a donation of €692 euro from Circol ELT on behalf of their members who completed the annual survey.


The survey received 346 responses from members and provides valuable feedback on how the scheme is working. All feedback is evaluated by the full team at Circol ELT and rigorously followed up.


Bill Collins, CEO said ‘ We have asked, listened and will now act on what our members have told us. Thank you to all members who took the time to fill in the annual survey. Addressing your needs as members and continually improving your interaction with the scheme is central to how we operate. Along with the positives from the survey there are also points to address and we have already begun to work on these. Some of our responses will require a more medium term approach. This member feedback will shape how we continue to ensure that the scheme is streamlined, fit for purpose and remains in tune with our member needs. ‘


To view our full survey click here



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