A Retailer is anyone who buys tyres or vehicles from a registered Producer member, even if these tyres are then resold to another retailer. Once the vEMC has been paid by your supplier – who is the first person to put the tyres on the market – as the second seller in the distribution chain you are the Retailer.



What the Regulations mean for you


  • Retailers must join and report to Circol ELT online by the 15th of every month.
  • You are prohibited from distributing tyres supplied to you from a Producer who is not registered with the PRL or who does not display their registration number on their paperwork.
  • You must pay the vEMC to your tyre or vehicle suppliers and charge this vEMC to your customers.
  • You must display the vEMC as a line item when selling a tyre.
  • You must display your Circol ELT member certificate.


How to complete your compliance


  • Join Circol ELT.
  • Make sure your reporting is up to date.
  • Adjust your software/ till system to show the vEMC.
  • Reduce the tyre waste at your outlet.
  • Declare your opening stock of new tyres.
  • Display your Circol ELT membership certificate prominently in your business.
  • Brief your staff.
  • Check your suppliers are members of Circol ELT and registered with the PRL.