What happens to waste tyres?

Unveiling the Remarkable Journey of Tyres

In a world where transportation reigns supreme, tyres are unsung heroes of our daily lives. They transport us to work, enable our road trips, and carry the weight of our cargo. But what happens to these essential components of our vehicles when they've reached the end of their tireless journey? Enter Circol ELT, an organization on a mission to ensure that tires, from creation to their ultimate recycling or renewal, are managed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Starting at the Beginning - Tyre Creation

Tyres, those sturdy yet flexible circles, begin their story as a mixture of rubber, steel, and fabric. Crafted with precision and expertise, they come to life in various shapes and sizes, tailored for vehicles ranging from sleek sports cars to rugged monster trucks.

A Pit Stop - Tyre Purchase and Installation

When you decide it's time for a new set of tyres, your local retailer steps in. They not only sell you the tyres but also ensure they are expertly installed on your vehicle. Balancing and alignment are crucial steps in this process, guaranteeing a smooth and safe ride. What's more, these retailers play an essential role in the tyre's life cycle by storing your old tyres for later collection by scheme collectors.

Hitting the Road - Tyre in Action

Once your new tyres hit the pavement, they become the unsung heroes of your journey. From scorching summer roads to icy winter streets, they endure it all. Regular maintenance, such as tyre rotations and checking tread depth and pressure, keeps them in top-notch condition for longer. Visiting a Circol ELT retail member, you can be assured your tyres will be checked for safety compliance, and if necessary, repaired or replaced.

The Grand Finale - End of Life for Tyres

Tyres may be tough, but time is an unyielding adversary. Eventually, they wear out or suffer irreparable damage, leading to their replacement. But here's where the story gets even more interesting: the journey for waste tyres is far from over.

For some commercial truck tyres, there's a second chance through a process called retreading. New treads are added to the casing, allowing them to begin another life on a vehicle.

For the majority, it's off to recycling. These tyres are transformed into "crumb rubber," finding new life in road surfaces, sports fields, or playgrounds. Even the steel within the tyres gets a second shot as it's recycled into valuable scrap metal. And don't forget about the fabric components, which can be repurposed in various industries.

Tyres can also take on a different role as fuel for industrial facilities, like cement kilns or power plants.

And for the creatively inclined, tyres can be turned into art installations, innovative furniture, or garden decorations, adding a touch of eco-consciousness to their creations.


A Tyre's Remarkable Journey

The tale of tyres is one of resilience, adaptation, and sustainability. Responsible tyre management and recycling efforts play a pivotal role in conserving resources and protecting the environment every step of the way.

So, the next time you embark on a journey, remember the tyres beneath you have a story of their own—a journey that continually evolves.  Circol ELT's mission is to play a part in driving us toward a more sustainable tomorrow.

Watch our animation below telling the remarkable story of tyres. 


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